Monday, July 4, 2011

Save the children

Potaknuta inicijativom s Naninog bloga prenosim pismo organizacije Save the Children. Potpisite peticiju - vama ce oduzeti par minuta a nekome to mnogo znaci

Save the Children Logo
Take action now for health workers like Sangeeta.
Sangeeta is a community health volunteer inSanjay ColonyNew Delhi, India.

Dear ....

After the amazing success of the vaccines summit we are keeping up the pressure as part of our No Child Born to Die campaign.
As a supporter of Save the Children I want to tell you about the next phase of the campaign - and how you can get involved.
To administer vaccines, and other life-saving medical treatment needs doctors, nurses and community health workers. But there is a massive shortage of health workers and kids are dying as a result.
No child should die because poverty stops them seeing a doctor or nurse. No mother or baby should die because they don't have a midwife. Increasing the number of trained health workers is one of the most effective ways to save lives.
Health workers like Sangeeta, pictured above, from Sanjay Colony in Delhi, India. She says, 'There are very few hospitals around here and those around are private. There are quacks (untrained doctors) but no qualified doctors in the community and if people go outside the community it costs them a lot of money. Because of that they can't get proper treatment for them or their children. And for pregnant women the distance is a factor, they can't go. These are the health issues we face here'.
Issues like this need to be dealt with or children will continue to die.
Our government has pledged to save thousands more mums and babies. To make good on this pledge it must push for an international effort to help train and recruit nurses, midwives and doctors and community health workers at a special UN meeting this September.
Please write to Andrew Mitchell, International Development Secretary calling on him to do just that.
Best wishes


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